Gone are the days when we have to rely on impact types that produce audible noise in printing documents. Today, the choice you will likely face is choosing between an inkjet printer and a laser printer. Inkjet printers spray liquid ink via microscopic nozzles to the paper. On the other hand, laser printers use a toner containing fine powders and a fuser.

While each has its own advantages, we intend to help you pick the best printer that meets your needs.


The price for both of these printers is almost the same thanks to the advances in technology. Nonetheless, inkjet printers are also equipped with scanning and photocopying functions. On the other hand, its laser counterpart is only capable of printing documents.

The cheapest inkjet printers are available for as low as $ 60 but with a caveat. Its cartridges are not full, which forces you to buy one immediately. Entry-level laser printers are a tad expensive at $ 130 but these contain full toners.


Laser printers are quite bulky so these are mostly used in the office. If you need to own a printer that snugs right in your home, smaller inkjet models are a better choice.


You are also expected to use a printer over time, prompting you to buy the necessary ink cartridges or toners. Despite being pricier, laser types are cheaper to use in the long run. A toner prints more papers than ink cartridges, especially if you only need to print text documents or in grayscale. However, laser printers also require additional fuser cartridge and other replacement parts.

On the other hand, inkjet printers only need low to moderate maintenance. You only have to tinker it when you replace the ink cartridge.


If you are running a business and fast printing is a must, a laser type is for you. Even in the case of entry-level models, you can expect print speeds up to 20 pages per minute. Its inkjet counterpart lags at 6 pages per minute on its default printing quality. Text quality at font size 12 is the same for both printers. However, laser printers are better with printing smaller fonts thanks to its fuser technology.

In terms of colored printing, inkjet printers produce better images than its laser counterparts. This is due to its ability to reproduce nice color gradation in the printed photo. Laser printers lack that, as you will see obvious banding when you print a colored page.


Most consumers buy similar products according to its price. If you are on a budget and will only use printing for better-colored images, an inkjet printer is the best for you. However, also note that you need to replace cartridges often and its slow printing speed. Laser printers are suitable for printing black texts and fast printing but these cost more. These are also bulky and you need to allot a bigger space in your home.

In the end, printers have become so affordable that it is only a matter of buying one that serves your purpose.

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