A Proud Member of Choice Partners Cooperative

Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service is a certified vendor-partner of Choice Partners Cooperative. This further cements our reputation as a provider of law-compliant contract services and quality copiers in Houston and nearby areas.

Choice Partners Cooperative has been the go-to organization of educational, nonprofit and government institutions for competitive bids within and outside Texas. They operate in compliance with procurement laws in the state. Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service aims to tap into these markets.

We are not just another copier store in Texas. Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service wants you to feel that you choose the right vendor for your office equipment. While we assure that you get quality products from us, our membership in Choice Partners Cooperative adds us edge with our activities.

Choice Partner

Striving for Quality and Competitive Selling Practices

Choice Partners Cooperative has been facilitating procurement since the 1960s, making it as one of the first government cooperatives in Texas. Members are given access to the largest pool of contractors in Texas for the service or goods they need. They are able to save time and money from advertising their need for a certain product.

For Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service, this brings us an opportunity to present our services under a competitive bid. Our membership there also allows us to see trends in bidding techniques done by similar business. We provide attractive contract terms and assure our buyer members that they picked the best copier vendor.

Why Partner with Choice Partners Cooperative?

As a vendor-partner, we follow the procedures set at Choice Partners Cooperative. Make the procurement activities of your business much easier by registering on their website. Then you will see how we stand against other suppliers:


Improved Efficiency

Save time by purchasing as contracts that are competitively bid in the website. Speed up several steps of the procurement process since Choice Partners Cooperative facilitates on your behalf.


Free Membership for Buyers

Membership is totally free. You only need to register on their website to reap its benefits. On the other hand, we pay a certain percentage of our fees for every awarded contract.


Wide Access to Suppliers

By becoming a member in Choice Partners Cooperative, you are exposed to businesses to Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service. Feel free to compare our product package with their offerings.


100% Law Compliant

Choice Partners follows the applicable statutory regulations for every procurement phase in Texas. We observe the law to improve our services. You are ensured that your purchase is legally made.


Certified Quality Services

Though based in Texas, our membership in Choice Partners Cooperative guarantees that even those who live outside the state can secure contracts with us.

Government-Based Cooperative

As a vendor-partner, it allows us to transact with educational, nonprofit and government institutions in Texas. Not all cooperatives are directly linked with the government and are permitted to operate in the state.



What Are You Waiting For?

Give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in our products. The quality of our services speaks for the reputation we have in Houston, Texas. We commit to bringing you the best copiers and printers today.

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