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Have you run out of toner? Don’t worry. We’ll send our team right away so you won’t miss your deadline.


Our reliable team provides a hands-on support from installation until we’re done setting up your equipment.


Are you shifting from smaller equipment to a larger one? We’re here to help you. Even if you plan to downsize, we won’t judge.

Unparalled Service

Unparalleled services

It’s been our mission to provide exceptional service to our clients. We’re guided by our vision helping us to put extra effort into understanding your needs. We know that your business is unique so we offer customized service that increases productivity in the workplace. We’re here to take care of your printing needs.

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Are you looking for the right printer for your office? Give us a call. Our customer service team is ready to help you.

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Are you looking for a printer that can print high volume copies? The Epson WF-C20590/WF-C17590 Network Printers features high-volume print applications in a high-speed option.

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If you’re looking for a multi-function printer, the Epson WF-C869R Network Printer is the best option for your office. It has high-volume print applications increasing worker’s productivity.

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Our service expands to government entities as we partnered with the Choice Partners Cooperative. Send us a message and we’ll guide you through our hassle-free process.

Authorized dealer

We offer you a special price for your printing supplies. It’s one of the best deals we give to our new and loyal customers. But we give you more than an affordable deal. We also provide you printers directly from the manufacturer. So, we guarantee you that you’re getting the right equipment for your business. Our replacement parts are also branded and genuine.

Authorized Dealer

Flexible options

As an authorized dealer, we can cope with the flexibility that your business requires. We can provide you a payment plan to keep your business running. We also offer leasing service that you can opt if you can purchase a copier machine at the moment. Whether you’re buying a new unit or leasing it, we’ll provide you the unit with the most up-to-date technology. Tell us your preference and we’ll give you the best match.

Cost-effective service

No hidden costs. No tricky fees. At Houston Copier Leasing — Sales & Service, expect an affordable service without extra cost. Every quote we send you is detailed so you’ll have a clear picture of the cost of service we provide. We welcome questions if you have disputes on your bill. We want our business with you to last so keep to stay transparent all the time.

Friendly service

Every technician we send you has a high level of interpersonal skills. It’s one of the traits we believe you want your technicians to show when dealing with you. Because our business relationship matters to us, expect a friendly service from our team. We value honesty and respect in the workplace so even under stress, our technicians keep calm until the problem is resolved. If you have a special request, let us know. Call us or send a message.Our customer service representatives are more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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Give us a call or send us an email if you are interested with Network Printer. Houston Copier Leasing – Sales & Service commits to bringing you the best copiers and printers today.

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